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Wilsonton Heights

Wilsonton Heights is a small pocket suburb, north-west of the Toowoomba CBD.

Previously the suburb was a part of neighbouring Wilsonton, but become its own entity after it was named and bounded in 2006.

The area is largely dominated by educational institutions — Sacred Heart Primary School, Wilsonton State School, Toowoomba High School, Rockville State School, and the Leslie Research Institute are all located in Wilsonton Heights, or neighbouring suburbs.

There are also two hospitals in the area — the large Baillie Henderson hospital backs on to Wilsonton Heights and St Andrew’s Hospital is in Rockville.

One of the DPI’s regional offices also dominates the suburb.

Most of Wilsonton Heights’ residents are young families who live and work in the area.

The suburb has developed a strong and friendly community feel and welcomes new residents to the area.

The most recent median house price for Wilsonton Heights is $233,500 and the median unit price is $191,000.